Friday, September 23, 2016


Please respond to at least two of the following questions.

1. Can feelings have a rational basis? Would it be better or worse if emotions could be justified? Are emotions and feelings essential? Is 'emotional intelligence' an oxymoron?

2. Is there any kind of knowledge which can be obtained solely through emotion? Is the answer to the question dependent on factors such as gender, age, culture, and/or socioeconomic group?

3. Is it possible to experience an emotion, a feeling, an attitude or sensibility that cannot be expressed in language? Can an emotion, such as love or grief, have its origins in, or be shaped by, language?

4.  To what degree is emotion biological or “hard-wired”, and hence universal to all human beings?  To what extent is it shaped by culture and hence displayed differently in different societies.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Use of Language

And now for something completely different.

Your task this week is to use the English language gracefully, in a stylistically brilliant manner that will convince your reader that your position on BOTH of the topics below is correct and the right Knowledge Claim to make and believe in.

Topic 1: Which is better: Pie or Cake?
Topic 2: Which is better: Ninja or Pirate? (Either would wipe the floor with Chuck Norris, so leave him out of it! If you understood that, you know I am speaking to you!)