Monday, April 24, 2017

All Things TED Quarter 4

Post your responses to the 8 TED talks that you watch in this section for 4th Quarter.  Your responses should be about a paragraph.  These responses should be anything that you think is important, cool, uncool, interesting, uninteresting about the video you watched.

Arts and Values

Please respond to at least three of the following prompts:

1. How are value judgments in the arts justified? How is 'good art' or 'bad art' recognized or decided on?

2. What are the justifications and implications of claiming that there are absolute standards for good art, or that the only standard for good art is individual taste?

3. Does the artist carry any moral or ethical responsibility? Is it possible for an artwork to be immoral? Should art be judged on its ability to shock?

4. What is the role of education in creating art, and in appreciating it? Is an art form legitimate if it can be enjoyed only by those trained in its appreciation through having had relevant education or through having become familiar with it in their own cultural context? Is a critical assessment of an art form legitimate if it is made by someone with no relevant education or cultural familiarity?

5. What relationships exist between the arts, on the on hand, and power over the public mind, on the other? Should art be politically subversive? Conversely, should it serve the interests of the community or the state? Why would governments, corporations, advertisers, and ideologically based groups of many kinds concern themselves with visual artists, musicians, and writers?